Regulatory Filings

The Huntley-Wilmarth project requires two approvals from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (Commission) – a Certificate of Need and a Route Permit. Both applications were filed with the Commission in January 2018, and the Commission voted to find the applications complete in March 2018.

The Commission will determine whether the project is needed and, if it is needed, the route for the project. To help the Commission make these decisions, there will be several opportunities for public comment and dialogue, including public meetings and public hearings.

The Commission and the Minnesota Department of Commerce (Department) are hosting public information and scoping meetings on April 17 and 18. The purpose of these meetings is to provide citizens with information about the state permitting process and the project, and to gather comments on the impacts and mitigation measures that should be studied in the environmental impact statement (EIS) that will be prepared by the Department. The meetings will include a short presentation and time for citizens to ask questions and provide comments. The same information will be presented at all meetings. Public comments will be accepted by the Department through May 4, 2018. For more information on how to comment, see the public meeting notice on the Department’s website.

Public Scoping Meetings

  April 17
1 p.m. & 6 p.m.
Courtyard by Marriott Event Center
901 Raintree Road
Mankato, MN 56001
April 18
1 p.m.
Winnebago Municipal Center
140 Main Street South
Winnebago, MN 56098
April 18
6 p.m.
Maple River High School (gym)
101 6th Avenue Northeast
Mapleton, MN 56065
Certificate of Need (filed 1/17/2018) Route Permit Application (filed 1/22/2018)
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Prior to the utilities filing a Certificate of Need application with the PUC in January 2018, a notice letter was mailed to landowners in the project notice area in December 2017.  The notice letter informed landowners of the project need and of the utilities proposed routes and how to participate in the regulatory process. A second notice letter was sent to landowners in the project notice area after the Route permit was filed in January 2018.

In the Certificate of Need proceeding, the Commission determines whether the project is needed and the appropriate size, type, and timing for the project. The Route Permit process examines potential effects of various routes, considers input from affected parties and seeks to identify and approve the route that meets the project need and minimizes impacts to people and the environment. If the Commission determines that the project is needed, the Commission then determines the route for the proposed project. There are multiple opportunities for stakeholder and public input in both of these proceedings. The schedule of public meetings and hearings will be posted on this website when available. Learn more about the regulatory process and how to participate.

Visit the Minnesota Department of Commerce eDockets website to view regulatory documents associated with the project, including notices, filings, public comments and more. Select 17 in the “year” field and enter 184 in the “number” field for the Certificate of Need filing or 185 in the “number” field for the Route Permit. Then click on “search.”

Learn more about the state process for the siting and routing of energy facilities.

Permitting Schedule (subject to change)

Certificate of need and route permit applications submitted to Commission January 2018
Informational and scoping meetings (public meetings and comment) Spring 2018
Draft environmental impact statement issued (public meetings and comment period) Middle 2018
Public hearings (public hearings and comment period) Second Half 2018
Commission decision First Half 2019