Project Permits and Regulatory Filings

The Huntley-Wilmarth project required two approvals from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (Commission) - a Certificate of need and a Route Permit. The Commission determines whether the project is needed and, if it is needed, the route for the project. In 2019 the Commission voted in favor of the project and decided on the final route.  

Certificate of Need (filed 1/17/2018) Route Permit Application (filed 1/22/2018)
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Learn more about the regulatory process and how to participate.

Visit the Minnesota Department of Commerce eDockets website to view regulatory documents associated with the project, including notices, filings, public comments and more. Select 17 in the “year” field and enter 184 in the “number” field for the Certificate of Need filing or 185 in the “number” field for the Route Permit. Then click on “search.”

Learn more about the state process for the siting and routing of energy facilities.

Permitting Schedule (subject to change)

Certificate of need and route permit applications filed with Commission January 2018
Informational and scoping meetings (public meetings and comment period) Spring 2018

Draft environmental impact statement issued 

December 2018

Public meetings on draft environmental impact statement (public meetings and comment period)

January 2019
Public hearings (public hearings and comment period) January/February 2019
Commission decisions Summer 2019