Project Update

- Permit applications filed with Minnesota Public Utilities Commission

- State hosted public meetings in April/May, future meeting dates will be posted here when scheduled.

Quick Facts

Voltage: 345 kilovolt line

Location: Blue Earth, Faribault, Nicollet, and Martin Counties, Minnesota

Estimated transmission line length: 50 miles

Targeted in-service: end of 2021


Xcel Energy and ITC Midwest LLC are proposing to build the Huntley-Wilmarth project, an approximately 50 mile, 345 kilovolt (kV) transmission line in southern Minnesota. The transmission line would connect Xcel Energy’s Wilmarth Substation, north of Mankato, and ITC’s Huntley Substation, south of Winnebago. The Huntley-Wilmarth project is needed to reduce congestion on the transmission grid in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa that is inhibiting low-cost electricity from generation facilities, including wind farms in the area, from reaching customers. Learn more about why the project is needed.

Project Status

The Huntley-Wilmarth project requires two approvals from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (Commission), a Certificate of Need and a Route Permit.  Both applications were filed with the Commission in January 2018, and the Commission voted to find the applications complete in March 2018.  Notice of the filings was sent to landowners and advertisements were placed in local newspapers.

The Commission will determine whether the project is needed and, if it is needed, the route for the project.  To help the Commission make these decisions, there will be several opportunities for public comment and dialogue, including public meetings and public hearings. 

The Commission and the Minnesota Department of Commerce (Department) are hosting public information and scoping meetings on April 17 and 18. The purpose of these meetings is to provide citizens with information about the state permitting process and the project, and to gather comments on the impacts and mitigation measures that should be studied in the environmental impact statement (EIS) that will be prepared by the Department. The meetings will include a short presentation and time for citizens to ask questions and provide comments. The same information will be presented at all meetings. Public comments will be accepted by the Department through May 4, 2018. For more information on how to comment, see the public meeting notice on the Department’s website:

Permitting Schedule (subject to change)

Certificate of need and route permit applications submitted to Commission January 2018
Informational and scoping meetings (public meetings and comment) Spring 2018
Draft environmental impact statement issued (public meetings and comment period) Middle 2018
Public hearings (public hearings and comment period) Second Half 2018
Commission decision First Half 2019

Learn more about the permitting process and view the Certificate of Need and Route Permit.

View the latest project mailings, fact sheets and FAQs on the Resources page.

Detailed Project Maps

To view the utilities proposed project routes, please type your address in the search box on the interactive map below.  You may also view PDFs of the maps by selecting the map that corresponds to the desired grid section on the overview map.


Propose Route Options Overall Map 

Map A1 Map A2 Map A3 
Map B1 Map B2 Map B3 
Map C1 Map C2 Map C3
Map D1 Map D2 Map D3
Map E1 Map E2 Map E3

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